Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are a very effective way to brand your products. They can stand the test of time often outlasting the item you are placing them on to. There are lots of different options depending on the aesthetic you are looking for. We can do fully embroidered patches or we can embroider onto a pre-made fabric such as canvas or felt. We can add overlock stitch to give a more dimensional border as well as a heat seal adhesive for easy application onto your production. Please contact a sales rep for more information

Woven Patches

Woven patches are a great alternative to embroidered patches when your artwork requires precise detail. Woven patches use thinner threads so you an achieve a greater accuracy with small text and design features.

Printed Patches

To create photographic realism, a printed patch is the best patch option. Color gradients and unlimited shades are all possible with printed patches.

Leather Patches

Leather is a high-quality option for custom patches. Leather patches can be printed with the design of your choice, or can be debossed/embossed. Ways & Means offers a wide variety of stock leather colors, as well as custom-dyed colors to match Pantones. Genuine and faux (vegan) leather options are available for your custom patch.

Overlock Stitch or Merrow Border

Overlock Stitch or Merrowed Border is the most common type of border seen on patches of all types. The thick border around several of the patches on the top of this page are all examples of an overlock stitch.funny-embroidery-luggage-tag-wholesale-triker-300x300dav

Post time: Jun-02-2020
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