Difference between heat transfer printing and traditional screen printing

Difference between heat transfer printing and traditional screen printing:

Process flow of heat transfer printing:

1 use the computer to carve characters on the composite paper

2 remove the excess as needed

3 Overlap the composite paper with the transfer cloth and put them together in the heat transfer machine

4 After heating and pressurizing by the heat transfer machine, the disperse dye on the composite paper will penetrate into the cloth, thus forming a banner.


1. Small area, high efficiency, low cost, suitable for mass production;

2. Not easy to fade, anti ultraviolet;

3. Good color saturation, long-lasting, fresh and beautiful;

4. Printing and drying without drying;

5. It is clean and good for environment protection.
In contrast, screen printing has many disadvantages

1. Large area, time-consuming, laborious and laborious;

2. Slow speed, low efficiency, not suitable for mass production;

3. The color is not bright and easy to dry.


Post time: Apr-27-2021
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