• Post time: Mar-18-2021

    What do you know about sublimation? Sublimation is a process to transfer dyes onto types of fabrics and materials. An image is created digitally, using something like Photoshop, and printed onto a chemically coated piece of paper with specialized sublimation ink. This digital print is then placed...Per saperne di più »

  • Post time: Mar-11-2021

    How to use a heat-seal/ iron-on embroidered patch onto a t-shirt? 1. Heat the iron with maximum temperature setting for 5 minutes. 2. Test your fabrics to see if it can take the heat with the iron. 3. Place the patch at right place. 4. Let a paper or cotton twill cover on top of your patch and cl...Per saperne di più »

  • Post time: Mar-06-2021

    Is sublimation better than screen printing ? While dye sublimation delivers vibrant prints, it only works well on white or very light colored garments. Dye sublimation will not be visible on dark substrates. Screen printing, on the other hand, can be applied to garments of almost any material and...Per saperne di più »

  • Post time: Feb-22-2021

    Vector Art Service Our Online vector art conversion services are best suited for marketing, screen printing, promotional and wholesale requirements. We have a diverse team and numerous experts who can process your orders rapidly and in a stipulated timeline. We have expertise in raster to vector ...Per saperne di più »

  • Post time: Feb-05-2021

    Vector  Artwork  Service Vector Artwork creation is one of the key task involved in selling promotional products. Generally the distributors help the customer to get the current artwork, or at times create the artwork for the customer. Distributors then interface with the manufactures or supplier...Per saperne di più »

  • Post time: Feb-01-2021

    What Is Custom Embroidery Digitizing? Embroidery digitizing is the skill or technique by which a piece of art or a logo, commonly known as artwork, is converted into a stitch format. More precisely, it is the process where digital representation in the form of a digitized file for a design is cre...Per saperne di più »

  • Post time: Jan-25-2021

    Embroidery Digitizing Service Embroidery digitizing service or logo digitizing is what we do. Our group of embroidery digitizers specialize in little text digitizing, 3-D embroidery digitizing, appliqué digitizing, and all other digitizing strategies for all feasible apparel items’ placement like...Per saperne di più »

  • Post time: Jan-15-2021

    Custom logo patches Logo patches are generally used to identify and promote companies. It??s easy for customers to remember the company and brand culture with vivid logo patches. Indispensible part of logo design is being meaningful, otherwise, the logo will lose its essence, no matter how beauti...Per saperne di più »

  • Post time: Jan-11-2021

    Custom Woven Labels Our custom woven labels are the most beautiful and highest quality woven label option. Our professional production process ensures that your clothing labels will last the entire life of your garment or item. Because every custom damask label is woven with industry-standard 100...Per saperne di più »

  • Post time: Jan-05-2021

    Custom woven keychain help us to not lose our keys, and also act like accessories because they are carried around with us all day. This makes it important that they are high in quality and aesthetically pleasing. Whether for lockers, homes, hostel rooms, garages, cycles or office use, custom wove...Per saperne di più »

  • Post time: Dec-29-2020

    Custom printed patches Printed patches are photo-realistic depictions of your design, with a high level of detail and endless color options that wouldn’t be possible with any other patch type . Choose printed patches if you want to see your design look as real as a picture . https://www.printemb....Per saperne di più »

  • Post time: Dec-24-2020

    Custom Embroidered Patches When a fabric backing and high-quality threading come together with your design, the result is a wearable form of art. Embroidered patches are the most traditional and popular patches on the market . Choose custom embroidered patches if you have a high-contrast design t...Per saperne di più »

  • Post time: Dec-21-2020

    Custom Woven Patches Woven patches are produced with thin threads and a tight weave, which produces a high-resolution finished product. This patch style works well for designs that require crisp detail work. Please choose this option if you have a complex logo or small lettering . Per saperne di più »

  • Post time: Dec-14-2020

    we can do velcro patches keytags blank patch chenille patches felt patches woven label lanyards vector,digitizing embroidery patches  , woven patches and sublimated patches for you ! Per saperne di più »

  • Post time: Dec-11-2020

    Hot cut border Hot cut border likewise called satin stitch border. As opposed to the basic rounded edges, hot-cut emblems have sharp, thorough sides. Great for custom patches with fine degrees of detail and also intricate styles that actually stick out! Suggested for uncommon form; kiss-cut or cu...Per saperne di più »

  • Post time: Dec-08-2020

    Embroidered keychains with your logo design include authority to your brand name. Select from unlimited colors, size as well as form alternatives to produce embroidered keychains that matches your vision. We have 3 kinds of keychains that you can totally customize: embroidered keychains, printed ...Per saperne di più »

  • Post time: Dec-03-2020

    Custom Velcro Patches Custom Velcro patches are so popular nowadays. We deliver all custom Velcro patches quickly . Velcro patches are perfect for any business or organization that uses jackets, hats, and other items for more than one person. Each person can have their own patch displaying their ...Per saperne di più »

  • Post time: Nov-29-2020

    ADHESIVE VS IRON ON Adhesive backing (Peel and Stick) VS Iron on backing (Heat Seal). These are two various types of attachment approaches; read the following details to understand the difference. Adhesive – we also call it sticky backing because it has sticky surface like sticker. You can attach...Per saperne di più »

  • Post time: Nov-24-2020

    What is Tackle Twill? Still not sure about what type of customization is right for you or your team? Have you thought about Tackle Twill? Tackle Twill, or applique, involves sewing down a number, letter or graphic made by cutting pieces of one material and applying them to the surface of another ...Per saperne di più »

  • Post time: Nov-20-2020

    Luggage & Key Tags   Looking for a way to make luggage or keys stand out? Look no further than these customizable luggage accessories and key tags! Luggage tags can be customized with a logo, graphic or line of text to be a perfect giveaway item at trade shows or promotional item at mark...Per saperne di più »

  • Post time: Nov-16-2020

    How to judge the quality of embroidery products 1. the bottom line is debugged smoothly, the product looks smooth and plain, and the bottom line shall account for 1/3 of the total width of the flat needle. 2. the pattern needle method should be applied properly, and the lines should be round and ...Per saperne di più »

  • Post time: Nov-11-2020

    Embroidered keychain Top quality embroidered keychain , with compeititive price . Standard size: 13×3 cm or 13×2.5cm , other size is possible , please send us your artwork ,up to 9 colors , standard delivery time around 2 weeks . For rush orders , we don’t charge extra cost .Any q...Per saperne di più »

  • Post time: Sep-17-2020

    Advantages of computer embroidery Since there was no computer, embroidery and embroidery were all hand-made by embroidery people looking at pictures. Since the computer was available and combined with embroidery machine, and software engineers and mechanical engineering joined hands, the vast maj...Per saperne di più »

  • Post time: Sep-14-2020

    How to use embroidery patch The first step is to put the cloth paste flat on the position you want to paste, stick the hot melt adhesive side to the clothes, preheat the iron, iron from the front of the cloth paste for 10-20 seconds, so that the position of the cloth paste is fixed. The second s...Per saperne di più »

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