Woven Labels

davWoven Labels

1. Material:  polyester yarn, cotton yarn, satin, damask, gold/silver, etc.

2. Label border: soft ultrasonic cut, heat cut, laser cut, cold cut, merrow border, etc.

3. Usage:  applied to a variety of garments, bags, shoes, hats, gifts, sofa, quilt, luggage, etc.

4. Technics:  woven/weaving to weave thread/yarn into woven label

5. Label backing: iron on, paper backing, adhesive back, etc.

6.Folded method: die cut, laser cut, end folded, center folded, miter folded or in a roll, etc.

7.Feature: eco-friendly, waterproof, durable and washable etc

8.Label Type: main label, care label, size label, etc

Post time: Apr-01-2020
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