Clothing embroidery decoration craftsmanship

Modern machine embroidery is also constantly being improved. After the introduction of microelectronic computer control in the embroidery industry, the development of machine embroidery has entered a new stage. Digital embroidery clothing accessories have forever changed the size and scope of each landscape embroidery machine company. Utilizing the exact reproduction of even the most complicated designs, graphics, logos, and digital embroidery specially designed by computer software, embroidery apparel accessories styles such as baseball caps and almost unlimited variety of wholesale embroidered logos, simulation efforts cannot be simple Copy. Using modern technology to transform the digitalization of a seamlessly designed embroidery art work, quietly increasing the opportunity to establish a custom stitched wholesale shoe and hat apparel software project is not just a flash in the pan.
※ Application of embroidery
From ancient times to today, the embroidery logo technology has been commonly used in high-end clothing decoration methods, such as: cheongsam digital embroidery service, kimono digital service, wedding dress vector conversion service, etc. have all used this technology. Decoration technology is widely used in the design of modern clothing and dresses and cheongsam. There are many factors that affect the application of decoration technology, such as the material of the fabric, drape, stiffness and so on.
Embroidery is a technique in which needles are threaded on a processed fabric and punctured in accordance with requirements. The needle thread and other items are organized into various patterns and colors by transporting the needle.
Embroidery logo technology can be divided into three categories from the embroidery methods: manual embroidery, sewing machine embroidery and electronic control machine embroidery (digital embroidery).
The development of clothing accessories embroidery logos and the growing maturity of computer embroidery technology services have brought embroidery into mechanization and digitization, which has accelerated the production process.
The continuous use of decorative clothing technology has increased the value of fashion and dresses. Designers are not only enthusiastic about traditional folk crafts, but also pay more attention to the use of new materials, new techniques and new technologies, and fashion has emerged in a new sense.
In high fashion, the most concentrated places in the use of embroidery are cuffs, collars, breasts, trousers and so on.

Post time: Mar-24-2020
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