• Post time: Jan-22-2020

    Custom patches add personalization to a shirt or jacket, identify employees of a business, show off a club logo, and more! A patch is a simple and easy way to customize a garment,  we’re ready to help you design your own custom patches. Read more »

  • Post time: Jan-18-2020

    Woven patches are created with thinner threads than embroidered patches. Also, no drag stitching is used between letters on a woven patch. When your design is turned into a woven patch, the threads are stitched continuously for a highly detailed outcome. Read more »

  • Post time: Jan-11-2020

    Custom Logo Embroidered Clothing for Men & Women Check out our extensive selection of custom screen printed and embroidered custom work uniforms. Which include, men’s golf shirts, polos, and dress shirts, as well as jackets, tees, and fleece wear. AllStar Logo also carries a great selection f...Read more »

  • Post time: Jan-08-2020

    Custom Patches There is no limit to what you can create Our custom patches are blank canvasses waiting for your vision, with several varieties and hundreds of options to capture exactly what you’re envisioning — and attach it to nearly any surface. Plus, ordering your custom patches from us...Read more »

  • Digital Velcro-you who show your personality in cycling
    Post time: Jan-07-2020

    From individuals like Siegle, to businesses as diverse as Rapha and Golden Saddle Cyclery, the tastemakers who help define what is desirable in cycling have resurrected this humble, old-fashioned emblem. (Want a piece of the tradition for yourself? Check out our Eddy Merckx Alphabet patches!) Sta...Read more »

  • Post time: Jan-06-2020

    CUSTOM EMBROIDERED PATCHES Our custom patches are washable, dry-cleanable, shrink-proof, and extremely durable. They will actually outlast most garments. Their over-locked merrowed borders will not unravel, fray, or curl. Whether you order 6 pieces or 50,000, you will receive a superior quality p...Read more »

  • Post time: Jan-01-2020

    WHAT CAN BE EMBROIDERED? Embroidery is a very popular type of garment decoration for polos, uniform shirts, corporate work uniforms, sturdy workwear , jackets, hats and caps, towels, napkins, bags, backpacks and other promotional items. In short, there isn’t much that can’t be embroidered. Our mi...Read more »

  • Post time: Dec-31-2019

    Embroidery Made Easy Embroidery is the process by which a design is sewn onto a garment using a computerised embroidery machine. We use industrial embroidery machines to achieve a high quality, long lasting finish.  Upload your artwork/text at the customisation stage of you order Our artwor...Read more »

  • Post time: Dec-19-2019

    SUBLIMATED PATCH A new twist to a classic decoration method. Sublimated patches are ideal for reproducing multi-color, complex logos with small details. Read more »

  • Post time: Dec-16-2019

    At Quality Patches we make beautiful custom patches for any purpose. Whether you are part of an organization, a member of the military, celebrating an event, remembering a loved one, or simply love patches, we can create your perfect patch. We use the finest quality threads, fabrics, and workmans...Read more »

  • Post time: Dec-10-2019

    Custom Embroidered Patches is a general term for various decorative patterns embroidered on fabrics. The size and design of the patch determine the percentage of embroidery on the patch. Since each embroidered patch begins with twill fabric, it is stitched with a thread on the surface of the fabr...Read more »

  • Post time: Dec-03-2019

    Woven label is widely used in the identification of clothing, shoes, hats, home textiles, handicrafts and other fields.   Since it can be woven with yarn materials of various compositions, it has different characteristics for washing and temperature resistance. The most common is the brand l...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-28-2019

    personalize dye sublimated patches personalize dye sublimated patches Dye sublimation patches are new addition of patches, allow extreme details expressed on the patch completely, no matter photo images, fades and gradients, dye sublimation can present precisely, suitable for complex designs and ...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-25-2019

    Embroidery Digitizing which was considered more of a hobby, a craft work, just a few years back,  has grown in prominence and has become a much more developed and technologically advanced method of design enhancing medium. Thus the embroidery digitizing came to be, where technology collided with ...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-21-2019

    Embroidered Keychain Customized to Your Needs The Embroidery Keychains is an excellent one in the Embroidery Labels. Its appearance makes the embroidery object more widely used, usage from the previous Sewing, Ironing, Sticking, to Hanging On. Custom Personalized Embroidery Keychain and Remove be...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-19-2019

    Woven Patches as well as Woven Cloth Badges are ideal for designs that cannot be accurately embroidered when minute detail and very fine lettering are essential. They are cost effective and have a greater capacity for detail and resolution. These are meticulously manufactured to your specificatio...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-13-2019

    EMBROIDERY SERVICES With our embroidery,  patch, and woven emblem technology, you can add logos, names and numbers to multiple locations on almost every RefrigiWear garment. We control the entire  embroidery process—from digitizing all the way through packaging—to ensure superior quality and t...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-11-2019

    Embroidery label Embroidery badge is also called embroidery mark, and the English translation is: Embroidery Patch. Advantages: compared with traditional embroidery, it is easier to match the clothing, and the finished garment can also be pasted with embroidery mark to achieve the effect. The tra...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-06-2019

      Anyone who ever seen a patch or emblem on a uniform knows there’s more than one way to decorate that emblem.  Embroidery is one popular method, and it works great for a lot of applications,  but not for everything.   Sublimation is another good method for adding graphics and text to a patc...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-05-2019

    Custom Woven Patches Woven Patches are a good alternative if your emblem cannot be accurately embroidered due to very fine detail or small lettering. They are available in just about any shape, and can be up to 7″ in size. These woven patches will have 100% thread coverage with no cloth bac...Read more »

  • Post time: Oct-30-2019

    Easy steps to get your patches started: 1. Send your patch design, your order qty, and size information to get a quote; 2. Approve our quote price, then we can move forward the sample for you; 3. Approve our sample photo, then we can move forward the production; 4. Your order is completed & s...Read more »

  • Post time: Oct-28-2019

    embroidery Art of decorating textiles with needle and thread.Among the basic techniques are cross-stitch,crewel work,and quilting.The Persians and Greeks wore quilted garments as armor.The earliest surviving examples of embroidery are Scythian (c.5th–3rd century BC).The most notable extant Chines...Read more »

  • Post time: Sep-30-2019

    Embroidery is a general term for various decorative patterns embroidered on fabrics by needles and threads. Embroidery is divided into silk thread embroidery and feather embroidery. It is a decorative fabric that uses needles to puncture silk or other fibers and yarns on embroidery with certain p...Read more »

  • Post time: Sep-24-2019

    Letter Key Chain     Read more »

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