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We provides professional embroidery digitizing service with a cost-effective solution,it is the process of taking a logo, pattern, artwork, even photo, and converting it into a digital file in certain format that the embroidery machine can execute and stitch(sew) it out,
Embroidery digitizing is a complex process which uses stitch types including fill stitch, satin (column) stitch and running stitch to create an embroidery design.This process is done with the help of  embroidery digitizing software and requires skilled digitizer’s manual input. Embvector pride ourselves on outstanding digitizing quality and exceptional customer service. we have more than 10 experienced embroidery digitizers.We can do RUSH order within one hour. we are here  trying to meet your time ! Visit our gallery to check our  digitizing quality you can expect. Get a free price quote or place your order online now.

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